Mackenzie Park is Lubbock’s largest recreation area and features a wide variety outdoor activities.   Play a round of regular golf at the Meadowbrook Golf Course or disc gold inside the park.  Mackenzie Park offers a world-class disc golf course which begins near the E. Broadway entrance .   Beginning in Spring  Joyland Amusement Park is great for the entire family.  Before you leave, don’t forget to visit Prairie Dog Town it’s the very north part of the park adjacent to Meadowbrook golf course. Sounds like the movie “Caddyshack” in real life.   While you are there, you may catch an intramural baseball game.  At the top of the hill resides several baseball diamonds  throughout the park and at the entrance to the Wells Fargo Amphitheater, you can experience the sculptures of artist Steve Teeters0.

Steve Teeters is a local Lubbock sculptor. Teeters works mainly with metal, but is also accomplished in clay, prints and drawing.  He is known for his organic architectural artwork.   As an art teacher, Steve Teeters has instilled a love and appreciation in students for the nature of art and beauty as well as an appreciation for what each one of them produces as an expression of themselves.  Teeters has been gaining a widespread following for his sculpture, prints and most recently, drawings, along with his architectural steelwork in which he has worked with architects.